``Art Is To Console Those Who Are Broken By Life.`` Vincent Van Gogh

About Leya Marie

My subject matter focuses on landscapes, natural subjects and portraits. I have also done several commission pieces and have recently been doing more.  My medium of choice is oil pastel but most recently I have started working in acrylics.

I always knew I had an artist inside of me. This did not become a reality until I  experienced much suffering. My identity as an artist began to emerge after many years of struggle with depression. I used my ability to see beauty around me as a way to gain hope that things would get better, I just had to keep believing and choose life.

Dealing with depression is daily, moment to moment work. There is no way around this, for me anyways. I have learned to be ever conscious of my thoughts and it is always a work in progress. I have been able to gain so much in my personal life and my artistic career from this ‘work’. You can learn more about this once I start my blog which you can also find on this website.

Throughout this journey I have developed as an award-winning artist and have sold my paintings throughout Canada and the U.S. I continue to see beauty around me and share what I see through my paintings. You can stay connected with me by subscribing to my newsletter, see bottom of page, or contact me via the contact me page.